Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath

Wreath: Your boss sticks you with sprucing up the conference room for an impromptu holiday luncheon. Like all his demands, they are last minute. And, of course, he gives you neither a budget nor time. What to do? Stay calm. Walk slowly to the receptionist’s desk, surreptiously pilfer all the green Post-It notes and red-dot stickers you possibly can get a hold of. If she or he is out, then raid the office-supply closet. On the window or white board, arrange layers of Post-It notes in a circle. They should not be perfectly aligned. You are replicating a wreath, so it is OK for the edges of overlapping notes to be jagged. Then, pepper the “wreath” with berries (aka your red-dot stickers). Repeat throughout the room as needed. Presto! As you can see, anyone can add holiday cheer anytime to any place in a snap. Hooray for Holiday DIY!

Courtesy of and many thanks to Huffington Post

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